Deposit Rates

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Checking Accounts

Checking Rates

Rates accurate as of May 30, 2024
TypesMinimum to Open# of Debit TransactionsDividendAPY^Min Bal to Earn Dividend
Vertical Checking*$2515+3.40%3.45%N/A
Platinum Rewards Checking**$2515+0.005%0.005%$500
Business Dividend Checking$100N/A0.005%0.005%$1,000
Classic Checking$25N/A0.005%0.005%$500
Classic Debit Checking$25N/A0.005%0.005%$500
Health Savings CheckingN/AN/A1.99%2.01%$500
Investor Checking$25N/Atiered dividends based on account balance
$1,000 - $9,999--0.10%0.10%$1,000
$10,000 - $24,999--0.15%0.15%$10,000
$25,000 - $49,999--0.25%0.25%$25,000
$50,000 or more--0.25%0.25%$50,000

Share Accounts

Rates accurate as of May 29, 2024
TypesDividend RateAPY^Minimum Balance #
Regular Shares†0.01%0.01%$200
Special Shares0.01%0.01%$200
Christmas Club0.01%0.01%$200
Vacation Club0.01%0.01%$200
IRA/CESA Share Account0.25%0.25%$500

Money Market Share Accounts

Rates accurate as of May 29, 2024
TiersDividend RateAPY^Minimum Balance #
$1,000 - $9,9990.15%0.15%$1,000
$10,000 - $24,9990.20%0.20%$10,000
$25,000 - $49,9990.30%0.30%$25,000
$50,000 - $99,9990.30%0.30%$50,000
$100,000 and above0.30%0.30%$100,000


Rates accurate as of 04/25/2024
TermsDividend RateAPY^Minimum Balance #
3 Month Certificate1.24%1.25%$1,000
4 Month Certificate1.34%1.35%$1,000
6 Month Certificate4.70%4.80%$1,000
8 Month Certificate1.44%1.45%$1,000
9 Month Certificate1.44%1.45%$1,000
10 Month Certificate1.54%1.55%$1,000
1 Year Certificate4.98%5.10%$1,000
Save to Win 1 Year Certificate4.98%5.10%Click for Info!
14 Month Certificate1.54%1.55%$1,000
17 Month Certificate1.64%1.65%$1,000
18 Month Certificate1.64%1.65%$1,000
2 Year Certificate2.96%3.00%$1,000
30 Month Certificate2.96%3.00%$1,000
3 Year Certificate2.96%3.00%$1,000
4 Year Certificate2.96%3.00%$1,000
5 Year Certificate2.96%3.00%$1,000
6 Year Certificate2.96%3.00%$1,000

Individual Retirement Account Certificates & Health Savings Account Certificates


Rates accurate as of 04/25/2024
TermsDividend RateAPY^Minimum Balance #
4 Month Fixed1.39%1.40%$1,000
8 Month Fixed1.49%1.50%$1,000
9 Month Fixed1.49%1.50%$1,000
10 Month Fixed1.59%1.60%$1,000
1 Year Fixed5.03%5.15%$1,000
14 Month Fixed1.59%1.60%$1,000
17 Month Fixed1.69%1.70%$1,000
18 Month Fixed1.69%1.70%$1,000
2 Year Fixed3.01%3.05%$1,000
30 Month Fixed3.01%3.05%$1,000
3 Year Fixed3.01%3.05%$1,000
4 Year Fixed3.01%3.05%$1,000
5 Year Fixed3.01%3.05%$1,000
6 Year Fixed3.01%3.05%$1,000


Rates accurate as of May 30, 2024
TermsDividend RateAPY^Minimum Balance #
Health Savings Checking1.99%2.01%$500
1 Year Fixed5.03%5.15%$1,000
2 Year Fixed3.01%3.05%$1,000
3 Year Fixed3.01%3.05%$1,000
4 Year Fixed3.01%3.05%$1,000
5 Year Fixed3.01%3.05%$1,000

Share and Checking Account dividend rates may change after the account has been opened. Dividends on share and checking accounts are established and paid monthly at a rate determined by the Liberty FCU Board of Directors. Dividends are computed on the daily balance and paid monthly for those days in which the minimum balance is on deposit. Fees may reduce earnings.

There is a substantial penalty for failure to comply with certificate requirements. Certificate rates are subject to change without notice. You will be paid this rate until first maturity. These are fixed rate certificate, IRA, and HSA requirements.

^Annual Percentage Yield
#Minimum balance to obtain APY disclosed
*Annual Percentage Yield accurate as of May 30, 2024. Rate subject to change. Fees or other conditions could reduce earnings on the account. Applicable on balances up to $20,000. 3.45% APY dividend or 500 ScoreCard bonus points will not be paid if all services are not used or if fewer than 15 debit purchases post in the month. Debit transactions typically post within two business days and may vary based on merchant processing. ATM transactions do not qualify as debit card purchases. ScoreCard points are not rewarded on purchases from Vertical Checking. Online and mobile banking logins and eStatements enrollment are reported and counted the next business day.  To help you balance your checkbook, click here to open a check reconciliation form along with error resolution notification information. Must meet account requirements to receive ATM fee reimbursement. ATM fee reimbursement limited to $15 per account per month.
**Platinum Rewards Checking – Accountholders qualify for 500 bonus ScoreCard points per month when they meet all of the following requirements: enrollment in eStatements, one or more online or mobile banking login(s), one or more direct deposit  into the account, and 15 or more debit card transactions posted per month. ATM transactions do not qualify.
†Requires $5.00 to open account