Data Security

Fraud Reminder

Liberty FCU will never call or text you to obtain any sensitive debit or credit card information, including card number, PIN, or three-digit security code, or your digital banking credentials or authentication code. If you doubt the validity of any call or text supposedly from Liberty FCU, we recommend that you hang up and call the credit union to confirm your identity and report the incident.

Business Hours
(800) 800-9271

After Hours Debit
(866) 537-1335

After Hours Credit
(866) 572-3941


What if I suspect someone has access to my sensitive debit or credit card information?

First, turn off access to that card in Card Controls, available in mobile banking in the More tab and online banking in the Additional Services menu. At that point, please contact the credit union to discuss any potentially fraudulent transactions, and we will reissue any cards as necessary.