Directly support your school with every purchase.

For every purchase you make with your EVSC debit card, Liberty FCU will make a donation to the corresponding district—including elementary and middle schools.

Great for parents, students, alumni, or anyone who wants to support their local school system!


Getting your card is easy:

1. Open a Liberty FCU checking account

Enjoy features like free ATMS, plus 3.45% APY or rewards points!1

2. Sign up for your EVSC Card

The process is easy and free!

3. Earn more for your school district with every purchase

Liberty FCU will donate to your school district each time you pay with your card!

Everything you’re looking for in a debit card.

Your EVSC card can be used for everything you need from a debit card:

Make fast, hassle-free purchases everywhere debit cards are accepted.
Pay bills or make purchases online
Access your funds at ATMs worldwide

Plus, when you use your card, the credit union will make a contribution to your school district!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is required to obtain a school-themed debit card from Liberty FCU?

A. You are required to have a Liberty FCU regular share (savings) account and checking account. You must also complete and sign a debit card application. A minimum $5 deposit is needed to open a regular share account, and a minimum $50 deposit is required to open a checking account.

Q. What is the age requirement to obtain a school-themed debit card?

A. There is not a minimum age requirement to open a Liberty FCU checking account and receive a debit card, but anyone under age 18 requires an adult joint owner on the checking account.

Q. Is there any cost to having the debit card?

A. There is no annual fee to obtain and use a Liberty FCU debit card.

Q. I already have a Liberty FCU debit card. Can I switch to a school-themed card?

A. Yes, you simply complete and sign a new card application. Your new card will have a different card number and will be mailed in 3-5 business days, and your old card will be closed within 30 days after your new card is issued. You will retain the same PIN. Liberty FCU can assist you in transferring your current debit card points to your new card number, and you should be sure to register your new debit card at www.ScoreCardRewards.com. If you have any auto payments coming from your previous debit card, you need to contact those companies to give them your new card number. Consumers cannot process stop payments on debit cards, so the company withdrawing the funds needs to change the number on their records.

Q. Does using one of Liberty FCU’s school-themed debit cards help my school?

A. Liberty FCU shares a portion of the debit card net income with the EVSC. Funds earned are distributed throughout the attendance district associated with that card.

Q. I have a joint checking account. Are all joint owners required to get the same debit rewards card design?

A. Each joint owner can select the card design he/she prefers, and Liberty FCU will share the debit card net income generated with the applicable groups.

Q. If I have a Liberty FCU school-themed card, can I later change to a different school-themed card or a Liberty FCU debit card?

A. You may change cards by completing a new debit card application.

Q. Am I required to have a child enrolled at an applicable school or be an alumnus of the school to get a particular school debit rewards card?

A. There are no requirements regarding card design selection.

Q. Do I have to visit a Liberty FCU office to open an account and apply for a debit rewards card?

A. Members age 18 and older may enroll online. Or, if you are an existing Liberty FCU debit cardholder and want a new card design, you can complete a debit card application from our website.

Q. Do all applicants qualify for a school-themed debit rewards card?

A. All who are approved for a checking account automatically qualify for a debit rewards card. Liberty FCU uses ChexSystems, a national reporting service, to obtain checking account history information to determine account approval.

Q. Are there other benefits to having a school-themed card?

A. All Liberty FCU debit card programs provide ScoreCard Rewards. You’ll earn valuable points redeemable for brand-name merchandise, cash back, gift cards, or travel with every qualifying purchase you make with your debit card.

Q. Where are Liberty FCU offices located?

A. You can find our locations and services hours here.

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1Annual Percentage Yield accurate as of 07/01/2019. Rate subject to change. Fees or other conditions could reduce earnings on the account. Applicable on balances up to $20,000. 3.45% APY dividend will not be paid if all services are not used or if fewer than 15 debit purchases post in the month. Debit transactions typically post within two business days and may vary based on merchant processing. ATM transactions do not qualify as debit card purchases. ScoreCard points are not rewarded on purchases from Vertical Checking. Online and mobile banking logins and eStatements enrollment are reported and counted the next business day.  To help you balance your checkbook, click here to open a check reconciliation form along with error resolution notification information. Must meet account requirements to receive ATM fee reimbursement. ATM fee reimbursement limited to $15 per account per month.