Liberty FCU’s free Payment Center offers these great features:

  • Pay Bills – set one-time or recurring payments to any business
  • Pay a Person – Send money to anyone―no matter where they bank
  • External Account Transfers – Move money to or from any other financial institution

Available in online banking and Liberty FCU Mobile!

Payment Center FAQs

Where can I see check payment images?

Check copies are available after the payee presents the check for payment and it clears successfully. You can review check images in your account history in online and mobile banking.

Can I place a stop payment on a bill pay payment?

You can place a stop payment for paper checks by calling Liberty FCU at 1-800-800-9271 Option 2.

Why is the address of my payee not displayed?

If your payee is paid electronically, the mailing address of the payee will not be displayed.

What is Pay a Person?

Pay a Person is a free service that allows you to pay anyone with a bank account in the US. All you need is their email address or mobile phone number to get started.

How do security questions work with Pay a Person?

When using Pay a Person, you will set up a security question and answer for your recipient to answer the first time you perform a transaction together. The answer to the security question is space sensitive. For example, if you write “NewYork” without spaces and the recipient writes “New York” with spaces, the security question would be invalid. A limited number of attempts are available before the transaction is cancelled automatically—so be sure to communicate directly with your intended recipient.

What are external transfers?

External transfers allow you to transfer funds between accounts you own at different financial institutions.

How do I add my external accounts?

If you bank with a well-known financial institution, you can set up account transfers instantly by providing your online banking credentials when asked. If you are unable to locate your financial institution, simply add the external account and complete the micro deposit process.