CO-OP Shared Branch

Access Your Account at Credit Unions Nationwide

SharedBranchIf you’re a Liberty FCU member who travels or lives away from one of our branches, you’ll be pleased to know that the credit union is among thousands of other credit unions all across the country who offer their members more convenience by sharing locations.

That’s right—sharing. It’s a concept you don’t hear much about from other financial institutions. While they’re busy merging into larger super regional and national corporations, we’re maintaining our independence and sharing locations with other credit unions. We can give you the personal service you’ve come to expect from your credit union, whether you are across town or 1000 miles away from home. And we’re not just talking about an ATM; we’re talking about a fully staffed office where you can conduct your credit union business with real people.

Here’s how it works: bring your identification and credit union account number to the teller window of a participating credit union or credit union service center, and tell them that you’re a member of Liberty FCU. You can conduct as many deposits, withdrawals, transfers, or loan payment transactions as you like—free! It’s that easy!

The CO-OP Shared Branch network is perfect when you’re traveling on business or on vacation. Just look for the CO-OP logo, or visit the Web site below to find locations before you leave home or in your hometown. And if you’re relocating out of our area permanently, there’s no need to leave your credit union. Whether you’re retiring or taking a new job, we’ll be there for you—with CO-OP Shared Branch.

For a complete list of shared branching locations, visit

CU Service Centers Now the Largest Branch Network in Indiana

Liberty FCU members won’t have much trouble finding a branch while in the Hoosier state. The CO-OP Shared Branch network now provides 258 branch locations in Indiana alone—more branches than any other financial institution that does business in the state!

In addition, the network offers thousands of locations nationwide. For more information about the shared branching network, visit them at Find the address and office hours to the nearest branch with the click of a button. Or you can even download the CO-OP Shared Branch smart phone app, Find Branch, available for iPhone and Android!