Consumer Loan Insurance Requirements

As the lienholder of your consumer loan, Liberty Federal Credit Union requires proof of insurance on your vehicle. Please make sure your insurance states the following:

  • Liberty Federal Credit Union as Lienholder/Loss Payee P.O. Box 5129 Evansville, IN 47716-5129.
  • COMPREHENSIVE and COLLISION Coverage on vehicle with deductibles not to exceed $2500.
  • VIN must be clearly displayed and match the VIN on your loan documents.
  • Policy Number, Policy Period, and Company Name MUST be listed.
  • Dates must be effective as of (or before) the date of your loan.

You can submit information online here, via email to, via fax to (866) 831-3810, or you can contact our Insurance Center at (833) 612-7401.

Have you received a phone call from Liberty FCU regarding your proof of insurance?

Liberty FCU frequently contacts members regarding proof of insurance. The number the call will be coming from will be (833) 612-7401. You can securely update your insurance information online by visiting FCU, by emailing a copy of your insurance declarations page to, by faxing a copy of your insurance declarations page to (866) 831-3810, or by calling our insurance center at (833) 612-7401.